Born in Eglingham Northumberland ,  Matty Taylor began his career in buying pots and travelling up to Cumberland to sell them. The young Matty who was a licensed Auctioneer  would hire local village halls on the way and organise auctions where he would buy & sell goods.

Father Matty settled with his wife Kate – Belinda and four young son’s Matty, Billy, Freddie And Tommy and daughter Rose  in the village of Clifton in Cumberland where he started his fairground business with the purchase of an Alpine Motor Car Set, which was the first of its kind in the area.

Young Tommy carried on selling the pots as his father did, but this time it was on the travelling fairground which he sold under the name of  Taylor’s China Bizarre.

During the winter the 4 son’s would haul logs using  their traction engine the Busy Bee,   the brothers had fantastic  horsemanship and used their horses to haul the logs to the roadside for transportation to Grasmere.

Young Matty married Lizzie Burridge from Clifton and they had 4 son’s Tommy, Freddie, Owen and Jimmy, and 3 daughters Kate-Belinda, Lilly, and Annie. The fairground business carried on but a new venture was now underway with the purchase of the Turks Head Pub in Whitehaven.

The business of beer is not new to the Taylor’s who can lay claim that at one time every male member of the family was born in a public house and a some of the family still own and run public houses. 

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